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University of Bordeaux

With a history that dates back to the year 1441, the University of Bordeaux was newly established in January 2014 following the merger of three universities. In 2016, the University of Bordeaux was one of the first universities in France to obtain confirmation of the “Initiative of Excellence” label.


  • Research, our driving force

Research is organized according to 11 departments: Social sciences of contemporary changes; Evaluation, behavior, organization; Law and social transformations; Bordeaux Neurocampus ; Biological and medical sciences; Public health; Health sciences and technologies; Environmental sciences; Engineering and digital sciences; Material and light sciences; Archeological sciences.

  • Clusters of excellence

One of the main priorities of the University is to promote the development of thematic clusters of excellence for research, training and knowledge transfer in the following fields: neuroscience, medical imaging, environment/climate, advanced materials, archaeology, lasers/optics & more.

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