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University of Bologna

University of Bologna

University of Bologna

The establishment that we call University today began to evolve in Bologna in the late 11th century, when masters of grammar, rhetoric and logic began to devote themselves to law.

The Studium in Bologna is the first home of free teaching, independent from ecclesiastic schools. Irnerio’s law school marks the birth of Western universities.

Research and training centers:

  • University of Bologna Experimental farm: established in 1974, the farm supports research and experimentation for various Departments of the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
  • Public Sector Research and Training Centre: Specialisation School for Public Administration Studies, European School of Advanced Fiscal Studies, Advanced School for Health Policy “Ercole De Castro” Advanced Research Centre on Electronic Systems
  • Centre for Advanced Studies in Tourism
  • “A. Gaudenzi and G. Fassò” Interdepartmental Centre for Research in the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Law and in Computer Science Law
  • “Giorgio Prodi” Cancer Research Centre
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